Halong’s delicious dishes

Vietnamese cuisine is world wide famous but Halong’s specialities still unpopular. That is why we try to introduce you to this local delicious food through this article !

Vietnam has so many different traditional dishes around the country but they are very different according to their origins regions. All these cuisines flavors mixed together created the amazing Vietnamese gastronomy we can find nowadays, which is worldwide famous ! Each region of Vietnam was influenced by their geographical location. For instance, population living by the shores use seafood to add into their dishes and the northern part of Vietnam located in the mountains tends to use meat and rice as staple food.

There are so many Vietnamese receipts that even Vietnamese people don’t even know all of them ! That is why we want to put more interest into this incredible food through this article. The first dish we pay attention to is called «  Banh da bebe »  and it is still not very famous.

This soup is a bit similar to Pho but instead of adding meat inside it we put some « bề bề » prawns from Vietnam. These « bề bề » prawns are specific to Halong Bay it is the only place you can find them, this is the reason why that soup is so authentic and uncommon ! Some vermicelli, tofus, vegetables and mantis shrimps are mixed with the prawns, we boil everything in a pot and serve it as a soup.

Cha Muc is one of the most famous dish in Halong but on contrary to Banh da bebe soup, this one is popular across all Vietnam ! The dish is composed from dough cuttlefish, duck’s eggs, lemon and porc meat and is really loved by the locals ! It is usually eat for dinner. There is a special input we can only find in the Bay that is why it is very easy to distinguish Halong’s Cha Muc from the other Cha Muc all around Vietnam. You definitely should try it if you have the opportunity to !

Seafood is also very famous in Halong, they are part of the unavoidable experience ! Shrimps, lobsters and other shellfishes are usually served in most of the junks. You will be quiet surprised by the quality and by their taste which is pretty much unique ! Oysters are the most popular shellfish, they can be eaten raw or grilled with some cheese on it (some cheese indeed).

The clam « Ngan » means « without any taste » in Vietnamese but you shouldn’t trust its name because it is delicious and amazingly tasty ! They are usually grilled or steamed mixed with some sauteed vegetables. This Ngan clam is also famous as the main ingredient of Ngan wine, a local liquor you can find in Halong Bay.

We highly recommend you to try those wonderful dishes if you have the opportunity to come and visit Halong Bay. Food is one of the most iconic symbol of the Vietnamese culture !