Secret Halong…a.k.a. Halong Bay

In the natural beauty of this exceptional jewel of nature, Secret Halong takes on its bold, elegant character, simplicity and humbleness prevailing.

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Bestowing a sense of privilege upon the traveler

With audacity and elegance, Secret Halong subdues the waves to transport you to a place of heightened sensitivities, for a day of discovery, or, better yet, for an even greater appreciation of this enchanted site, a night aboard the junk, where, gently rocked by the sapphire waters, we vanish into the labyrinth of the bay.

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A modest sophistication in our service

Aboard the Secret Halong, we maintain ultimate respect, spontaneity, levity, generosity, finesse and humility. Leaving no trace, we unostentatiously journey through Halong Bay.

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Banhlai 85

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A whole other world...

After an exhilarating experience on the bay…a time for regeneration, rest and relaxation. Regain your senses, catch your breath…all in the refined comfort of the cabins, meticulously designed down to the very last details of color and fabric.

The light reflecting off the water bathes the windows, hence the rooms, with a beautiful luminosity, rendering the elegant decor, with its pastel colors and various hues of blue, harmonious with that of the waves.

A taste of luxury...

Powdery hues, diffused light, an elegant atmosphere charged with charm and sophistication, the grandiose backdrop of the bay and soothed senses…all paramount to living for the moment and fully appreciating the serenity over a meal.

Or, even still… to retreat to the lounge area or sip on a concoction at the bar.

Comfort, from the outset…

The dining room offers a lounge area and bar offering a plethora of aperitifs, wines and cocktails, and a wide variety of beverages.

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Chicken and sweet corn soup

Mixed salad


Main courses

Fried mantis shrimp with salt

Steamed shrimp

Grilled chopped fish

Stir fried squid with vegetables

Chicken with passion fruit sauce

Stir-fried vegetables with garlic

Steamed rice



Fresh fruit 



Seafood soup

Green papaya salad


Main courses

Grilled shrimp with passion fruit sauce

Grilled fish

Grilled Oysters

Sugarcane rolls with grilled chopped crab

Garlic sauteed vegetables

Fried rice



Fresh fruit  

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Viewed from the upper deck, the majestic bay and its karst outcrops meld into a sole horizon…

In this spacious shady area, as we take in the magical setting, we get a taste of a different rhythm, a new perspective, relishing time slowly slipping by and being at one with nature.

Indulge yourself by sipping a refreshment at the bar, or lazing on a deck chair, savoring a sumptuous breakfast, whilst enveloped in the delicate, fleeting light of dawn.

While this is not Greece, Epicurus, in his pursuit of the theory of happiness, would surely have been inspired.